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But a closely watched lawsuit is pending at the Florida Supreme Court about whether pari-mutuels in other counties can offer the machines after voter referendums. The Supreme Court heard arguments in June in the case, which involves Gretna Racing in Gadsden County and the interpretation of a 2009 gambling law. The case went to the Supreme Court after the 1st District Court of Appeal ruled that the pari-mutuel could not have slot machines without the authorization of the Legislature, despite county voters' approval. Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Scott's administration has started trying to negotiate a revised gambling agreement, known as a "compact," with the Seminole Tribe that also deals with slot machines. Under a 2010 compact, the Seminole Tribe was given exclusive rights to offer certain games, including slot machines, in exchange for payments to the state. The state and the tribe have been locked in a legal battle about the expiration last year of part of the compact dealing with "banked" card games, such as blackjack. A federal judge last month ruled that the state had violated the tribe's exclusive rights to offer those games, giving added impetus to the negotiations. But negotiations about a revised compact also could involve whether the tribe would have exclusive rights to offer slot machines outside of Broward and Miami-Dade counties --- and how that would affect the counties where voters have approved referendums.

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Bill Galvano, a Bradenton Republican who is slated to become the next Senate president, will take the chamber's lead in discussions about the compact. If a deal is reached with the tribe, it would have to be approved by the Legislature. Before moving to the Senate, Galvano was the House's chief negotiator when the Legislature signed off on the 2010 compact with the tribe. After Negron's meeting Tuesday with reporters, spokeswoman Katie Betta said the president thinks a solution can be reached to address the issues of the compact and the slots referendums. "President Negron said at the breakfast that he cannot predict the final resolution of this issue at this juncture, but he does believe there is a way to strike a balance between the voter-approved slots and the (exclusivity) necessary for a compact with the Seminole Tribe," Betta said in an email. Scott proposed a $3 billion, seven-year compact before the 2016 legislative session, but it did not pass. The issue is difficult politically for a number of reasons, including that the House has traditionally opposed expanded gambling. But Negron indicated Tuesday that trying to address the issues will be a priority as lawmakers meet during the 2017 session. "I think it's important that we explore the opportunity to ratify the compact and also be fair to the other participants in the gaming industry, the pari-mutuels and others that have longtime investments in the state, employ thousands of people, are important parts of the corporate communities that they represent," Negron said. "It's an important priority for me to try to have a compact ratified and to move forward on gaming, not only from a revenue point of view, but also from an industry predictability perspective." Along with Duval, St. Lucie and Gadsden counties slots referendums have been approved in Brevard, Hamilton, Lee, Palm Beach and Washington counties.

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He served three terms on the Pittsburgh City Council (from 1995 to 2006), spearheading the creation of the citys police civilian review board. And yet, Udin who had campaigned for Obama and gave him a $500 contribution in 2007 had heard nothing on his plea for presidential mercy for years, causing him endless frustration. Maybe, a reporter suggested, his small donation was the problem: The White House, averse to any whiff of potential scandal, might have feared that a pardon for Udin would look like a favor for a campaign contributor. I dont want to say or do anything that would cause a problem for President Obama, Udin said then. I love him. If thats the reason, Ill accept it. I just dont want it to be for any other reason. When first contacted about Udins case, a spokeswoman said last year that the White House doesnt discuss the merits of individual cases. But White House counsel Neil Eggleston said yesterday Obamas pardons and commutations exemplify his belief that America is a nation of second chances. Forty-four years after his civil rights era conviction, Udin on Monday got his second chance. Pennsylvania Democratic Sen.

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